Our values in a world lost in transition


ACTION and taste for challenges

Go throughout resistance to change in the need to transition era


Better interact and combine for a sober handling of teams, resources and energy

respect AND humbleness

Taking care of our ecosystem to preserve our multi-million-year-old sensitive symbiose

A search for a sens

Jimmy CARTER once warned us about this nonsense for humanity of consuming things. This nonsense is all the truer today as, in addition, it is feeding an ecological disaster.

We have made the choice to give sens to our lives making our best to repserve earth and respect futur generations. We have made it our mission.

Our lectures

We want to share with you our most inspiring readings

Le plus grand défi de l’histoire de l’humanité
Aurélien BARRAU

Sapiens: A brief history of humankind
Yuval Noah Harari

Sobriété numérique
Les clés pour agir
Frédéric BORDAGE