Secrets of our carbon neutrality

Our carbon neutrality relies on three key points

Using  Stimergy digital boiler, we substitute a carbon heat by an unavoidable server heat, considered as a renewable energy

life extension and resources sharing

Integrating available rooms in buildings and extending lifetime of servers, we drastically limit embeded carbon usage.

green electricity

Using green electricity with low carbon footprint, we limit carbon from its root

And we prove it thanks to a life cycle analysis

We’ve been as far as we could in the process of carbon neutrality performing a life cycle analysis showing our performance and were we could be even better

– 49 %

Natural resources exhaustion

– 113 %

Greehouse Effect Gaz emissions

– 62 %

Primary energy consumption

– 35 %

Net water consumption

Comparative study between a digital service hosted in Stimergy datacentre where heat is reused for hot water heating vs a datacentre with PUE=2 using new servers. This study does not integrate the benefit of a green electricity.

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